“The Molecular Vision of Life” reflection

I really enjoyed this reading.  Lily E. Kay breaks down the corporate funding behind racial biology, molecular biology and eugenics was really fascinating.  Of course we can point to American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as the main funder of all bad right-wing policies (ie: right to work legislation, stand your ground, etc.) But I also think it’s useful to reflect on how even non-profits are often swayed by these foundations, educational institutions, and others that have the power to influence policy.

This made me think about this book, “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” (published by South End Press). The US nonprofit sector is the world’s seventh largest economy. From art museums and university hospitals to think tanks and church charities, over 1.5 million organizations have 501 c3 non-profit status. Many social justice organizations have changed and toned down their organizing and political goals to satisfy government and foundation mandates. Since funding has shrunk and government surveillance is on rise (NSA spying on radical organizations) , many activists are still finding it difficult to imagine movement-building outside the nonprofit model. 

-Betty Yu


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