The Future and ROBOTS!

Hey guys, I didn’t get to play this video at the end of my presentation due to flowing into more presentations, so I’ll share here.

So I felt in Alan Turing’s article “Intelligent Machinery” he had a crystal ball or embodied some Nostradamus powers when talking about computers, machinery, technology, the future etc. ¬†Anyways I’m bringing this idea into an episode of Joe Rogan Question’s Everything where he explores present day technology and talks about the future in our own crystal ball sort of a video.

Especially note 07:25 – 3D Robot Replication (Just Crazy!) & 13:20 Iron Man suit (Continuous Active?)



Silicon Valley meets Shaq

I’m a big basketball fan so thought this video was very interesting. The relationship of Shaq and Vivek Ranadiv√© sitting next to each other is just an awkward sight publicizing their story on ESPN as well as Shaq’s previous statements about the Kings being swept under the rug.